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Community and Responsibilities

Mönche beim Chorgebet Monks at the divine office.

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The chief task of every Benedictine community is the praise of God. That refers of course in a special way to the carrying out of the divine liturgy. It is valid also for the tasks that a monastery family acquires, whether out of inner necessity, through the concrete circumstances of its living situation and the signs of the times, or through the charisms and gifts of individual monks.

... et Labora

In addition to the necessary tasks that concern the inner life of the monastery, such as the leadership of the community, the responsibility for the church and the liturgy, the care of the old and sick, the formation of the new members as well as the organization of everyday life, special task areas have arisen for us at Dormition:

  • The care for pilgrims and travelers at one of the most important Marian shrines next to the Room of the Last Supper and the Pentecost chapel is one of our principal tasks.
  • In a land of ancient and continuing contemporary conflicts we see as a Benedictine community the task of making a contribution to reconciliation and peace from our spirituality.
  • The areas of research and culture are important paths on this great journey to the goal of reconciliation, because they permit people of various origins to encounter one another.
  • Manual labor and arts and crafts belong since ancient times to monastic life.